Thursday, January 17, 2008

GMVW # 2: "The Lost Art of Letter Writing"

Gem Music Video of the Week # 2: The Lost Art of Letter Writing
Song: Tear Stained Letter by Richard Thompson
(song written by Richard Thompson)
January 17, 2008

Back in the mid-90s (Lake Street, Waltham era) I was just starting to get a taste for the music of Richard Thompson, when Mac handed me a tape and suggested I listen to this song.  I ran the treadmill in those days and this song is a reminder of frequently butting into the front console, a bit too energized for the pace I had the treadmill at as I replayed this song over and over again. 

Fred and I were lucky enough to catch a Richard Thompson tour later in the decade at the Somerville Theater.  Great show!  I believe the video clip here is of the same tour.

One thing about Thompson.... his early music sounds as experienced as his most recent stuff.  Usually musicians go thru an early sound (Beatles, Dylan, most everyone), but this musician sounds old and wise in his young years as well.

Volume recommended.

"Just when I thought things were getting better, right thru the door comes a Tear Stained Letter".....

Gem Music Video: Tear Stained Letter

- Pete

About the video: Live show on Scottish TV in 1999.  Good quality.  Full band. Up-tempo.

Best Feedback: Becca

Great tune Pete (it rang a vague bell with me but I never would have known who it was)....and a great visual of you butting heads with a tread mill! Funny thing about you Steeves and I recall, Amy had the opposite problem, as her story involved mimicking the "L" on her forehead as she went flying off in the opposite direction!

Keep 'em coming,

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