Thursday, January 24, 2008

GMVW # 3: "Seminal Strings"

Gem Music Video of the Week # 3: Seminal Strings
Song: St. Peter by Flash and the Pan
(Songwriters: Harry Vanda and George Young)
January 24, 2008

Flash and the Pan lived up to their name, but not before releasing a few unique, hits in the late 70's and early 80's. This band was actually a studio-only band made up of 2 permanent members... Harry Vanda (tall guy in video) and George Young (short guy).  The song of theirs that I remember enjoying first was "Walking in the Rain", but it was this song, "Hey, St Peter", which catapulted to my list of great songs.  It's mostly the bridge of piano and strings which does it for me, but the whole song in general is top notch.

The video is another matter.  "Video Killed the Radio Star" certainly applied to many bands in the 80's and this video is a perfect example.  These guys are totally goofing in the video and in the process, throwing a semi-serious song down the toilet.  But, it is funny.  I particularly like St. Peter finally listening to the singer’s plea near the end.  His reaction is classic early MTV.

Aside to Dale: Thanks again for lending me the album back when I lived in
Waltham.  When you said I could have it for 17 days, I thought you said 17 years!

Dad will remember this song, I'm sure.  Perhaps the video will give the song some context.

Must be heard with the volume dial cranked to 11.

Gem Music Video: St. Peter

 - Pete

About the Video: This is the actual made-for MTV style music video of this song
Best Feedback: Fred

wow.  Bring back low-budget videos

Another real gem.  Thanks Pete

Also: Mom & Dad

Pete...we loved this one...and I knew almost every word!!  XO

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