Thursday, February 7, 2008

GMVW # 5: "A Gale Blowing in My Face"

Gem Music Video of the Week # 5: A Gale Blowing in My Face
Song: A Little is Enough by Pete Townshend
(Songwriter: Pete Townshend)
February 7, 2008

The one regret I have of my 1986 summer tour of Europe with Bob was not catching Pete Townshend in Niece France on his first ever solo tour.  It was a mini tour consisting of only 3 shows (one in Niece and 2 in Bristol England) and we happened to wander into Niece 4 days after the show.   At the time, it was rare to hear Townshend do any solo (non Who) stuff so it would have been quite a treat.  I remember hearing about the show when we got there and feeling pretty lousy about the missed opportunity.  Later that year I bought the live album and not too soon after the video. 

This is one of the best songs from that concert and one of my favorite songs (I believe Bec agrees).  The song, "A Little is Enough" is off of Townshend's first true solo album, "Empty Glass", which is one of my favorite albums.  Townshend is one of the few tortured artists (rarely satisfied with his work) I can appreciate which is one of the many reasons why his music has always resonated with me.  Below the Gem Music Video of the Week, I've included some bonus tracks from the Empty Glass album that were released as promo videos and never saw the light of day when the album came out in 1980.

"Just like a sailor heading into the seas,
  there's a gale blowing in my face
  the high winds scare me but I need the breeze
  and I can't head for any other place"

Gem Music Video: A Little Is Enough
Rough Boys

I am an Animal.  I was originally considering this for Gem of the Week.  Such a great song.  Wish I knew what it was about.

The title track. Pete's younger brother Simon is bouncing around looking eerily like a young Pete.  Considering the serious lyric contents of the song, it appears Pete is not so happy near the end of the song to see his brother bouncing so joyfully.

Keep on Working

- Pete

About the video: This is the official live video footage of Townshend’s 1986 Deep End tour.  The other videos are from the release period of Empty Glass.  Two are on stage (‘I am an Animal’ and ‘Empty Glass’) and the other 2 are not (‘Keep on Working’, ‘Rough Boys’)

Best Feedback: Becca

I most certainly do agree Pete....Pete's Deep End Live CD (with "A Little is Enough") was literally the first CD that I ever bought (a gift for Dave that turned out to be one of my favorite CDs ever).

Also: Fred

Can’t believe it took 5 weeks to get to one of my clips!  You are out of the fan club
              - Pete T

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