Thursday, March 13, 2008

GMVW # 10: "Irish Eyes"

Gem Music Video of the Week #10: Irish Eyes
Song: Zombie by The Cranberries
(Songwriter: Dolores O’Riordan)
March 13, 2008

I'd like to believe I'm not one for name dropping, but when the date is March 17 (or close to it) and your friends name is Pat Shea (or Patty O'Shea as I like to say for a day) it's hard to resist.  Now the date was St Patrick's Day, 1986 or 87 and for the first time in 3 years, I was not going to make the trek up to Ottawa Canada for a roaring good time.  In fact, it was the first time ever that I was facing the fact that work was unavoidable for the entire, normally festive day.  It was a hard pill to swallow, and as I dragged myself out the door around 7:30 am that morning, I stopped, turned around, and placed a call to Pat and the rest of the crew at their home on Gladstone Street in Ottawa to wish them a good day and a good time. 

Patty answered the phone and sounded more chipper than I would have expected that early.  I asked him how the day was going, not expecting much more than a discussion of events to come.  Pat's response: "Dave just blew his lunch" (or liquid breakfast as I was later informed).  Our conversation carried on a bit longer, but I cut things short; not only because I had to go, but because Pat’s reply made me feel worse.  The early morning image of Dave worshipping the porcelain bowl would not leave my mind for the entire day.

Now this is not necessarily about Dave (a normally sedate guy) or blowing lunch, or Pat for that matter (aside from the name dropping).  It's about the magic of St Patrick’s Day, a day where, if approached correctly, can play out in slow motion.  By starting the day the way they did, Pat and crew were doing the impossible: Adding time to an endless day.  Pat could have told me it was a beautiful Ottawa day (as St Pat's Day always is).  He could have told me the Pogues were playing that afternoon at Molly Maguires and they had tickets.  He could have told me that Pierre and Margaret Trudeau accepted the invitation to their evening house party on Gladstone Street.  None of it would have had the same effect on me than what he said.  The Leprechaun was already with them that day, and I was missing it. 

This weeks Gem Music Video of the Week had to be a band from Ireland, and so I choose one of my favorites, the Cranberries.  The song 'Zombie' is a bit heavy musically and lyrically (about the then fighting in Northern Ireland).  Although not the SNL version (likely my favorite music moment ever on the show), this Hard Rock Cafe version is also very good.  For those looking for a softer, gentler Cranberries touch, I'm including a "Gem Light" (with a third less calories than your regular Gem)...the song 'Dreams'. 

I believe I've had at least one great St Patrick's Day's with everyone on this list (Ruth, we have to work on this).  As always, there's still plenty to celebrate (the Celtics, Peace in Ireland, the Blarney Stone), so enjoy the day.   Maybe even call home and tell your spouse you are enjoying the moment in a local pub and will stick around for an extra pint of Guinness and good Irish music.  Better yet, invite them to join you.  Either way, you can blame me.  Just don't make the mistake of calling a party you can't make.  You may get a touch of regret after realizing you are missing out on some magic.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Gem Music Video: ‘Zombie’ (at the Hard Rock Café)

SNL version (just as good)


About the video: Live at the “VH1 Hard Rock Café” (some time not long after the song’s release).  The Gem Light is a made for MTV video

Best Feedback: Dave

Therein lies some passion...

Thanks, Dave


Also: Steve

Wow, Pete. You hit it right on the head.
St. Patty's Day - Ottawa in the spring - The Gladstoners Memories that will last a lifetime.

Cheers to you this St. Patricks Day!
I will be in Penticton, BC at a trade show. I will lift my glass that evening and give a toast to the laughter, song and stupid antics of the Gladstoner Gang!



And: Pat Shea

Thanks Pete

For a great letter and invitation.  Sure, add me to the list. I'm always open to checking out some good music and especially so is Sharon, whom I hope you will get to meet this summer.

My tastes in music have changed a lot since the days of which you spoke in your story. I've gone more to the jazz(lounge) and alternative route. Sharon and I just saw Pink Martini at the NAC on Friday night. It was incredible. Check them out at . And my favourite for some years now has been Tom Waits. I could listen to him all day long (and do so often.)

We are going to try to be in Maine around the second week of August. It would be great to see you then.

Happy St. Patrick's Day. May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow.


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