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GMVW # 14: "The Bride Knows Me"

Gem Music Video of the Week # 14: The Bride Knows Me
Song: I Knew the Bride When She Used to Rock n’ Roll by Nick Lowe
(Songwriter: Nick Lowe)
April 10, 2008

Nancy and I are married 17 years this coming Monday.  Reflecting back on the big event brings back a great many memories.  Bob arrived a week early from France to keep me company.  Steve borrowed a company-owned vehicle to make the trek down from Canada and in the process vastly expanded his service area (international, no less!).  Fred gave a top-notch best man speech and put up with an oversized tuxedo.  Mom & Dad did everything imaginable to make the day a great one. 

…. and of course, Nancy married me.

Leading up to the wedding, the two of us put an awful lot of time into the reception song selection (what would and could be played and what would not be played).  We had a great band to work with, lead by Andy and Amy King.  They ended up learning at least 5 songs for us and weaved in others from our cd collection in cases where they couldn’t play the song of choice (the Who’s ‘Long Live Rock’ comes to mind, where Andy let me temporarily swing his microphone around ala Roger Daltrey).  At one time Andy stated to me that it was the best ‘Gig’ they every played.

Gem Music Video of the Week, “I Knew the Bride When She Used to Rock n’ Roll” by Nick Lowe is what I think to be the best wedding dance song of them all. The video goes a bit overboard with the sad state of the groom, and it cuts out a bit short at the end, but it’s great nonetheless.  Note the posters in the background at the pool hall.

I’ve also included some other memorable songs from that day all those years ago.

Happy 17th Anniversary, Nancy.  Everyone else, Happy Recollections.

- Pete

Gem Music Video of the Week:

It took me a while to track down a Van Morrison video of our 1st dance “Have I Told you Lately” ….and  I refused to play the unnecessary Rod Stewart cover version, which was released later:

Townshend & the Who rarely play Blue Red & Gray live (I never saw it, and I've been to many shows).  I hit the jackpot with this one.  Mom & I:

Nancy & her Dad danced to Red River Valley:

Cutting the cake to the Beatles "When I'm 64".. and what a cake! (baked by Nancy's Godmother)

A few more selected dance songs:
Linus and Lucy (Peanuts theme song):

"Stop Twisting my ARm" .... a band favorite:

Don McClean's "Winterwood" (for Mom & Dad):

Closing Song... Bob Marley "Is this Love"  (I had this slotted for it's own Gem
Video of the Week.... oh well):

Finally, I recalled Fred giving me a pop quiz early in the morning on Lake Street when we were just getting up.  He asked me what song came to mind as I looked forward to the day ahead.  I put World Party "Put the Message in the Box" on the turntable:

About the Video: The Gem is a made for MTV like video, but is very hard to find.  One scene shows Nick Lowe in a pool room.
Other videos:
“Have I Told You Lately” … made for MTV.  Has to be Van the Man.  Hard to find
“Blue Red and Grey”….Townshend sitting on a chair on stage, wearing glasses.  Appears to be some time in the late 90’s.  He’s playing the banjo and reading the words, getting a kick out of the lines he wrote.
Red River Valley” The video is no longer available.  I can’t recall the details.
“When I’m 64” Julian Lennon singing to still shots and old footage of the Beatles and his Dad.
“Linus and Lucy” Someone playing the piano, only shows the hands
“Stop Twisting My Arm”: Tommy Rivers and the Rapids Downtime live
“Winterwood” cover, unknown artist sitting in a living room (peacock feathers on the wall)
“Is this Love” Bob Marley, made for MTV type video
“Put the Message in the Box” World Party made for MTV type video (Atlas video, Seaview films)


Best Feedback: Steve


Its been a long time, we have been apart so many years, but you have an art of bringing back forgotten memories that we all cherish. I wish you and Nancy the happiest anniversary. 17 years years! Has it been that long since I stole a car! Maybe that's a good thing, eh?

All the best!


Also: Bob

Pete & Nancy,

Happy anniversary to both of you!  I wish you many more years of happiness together and hope to continue to share many of those years with you.

We are really looking forward to seeing both of you next summer.

Your below mail has brought back many fine memories.  I still remember the day you proposed to Nancy in Paris on top of the Eiffel Tower.  You wanted to leave my apartment to move into a hotel to have some private time after popping the big question to get a way from the snoring of Mac who was also camping out in my apartment.  But then you had a lot of explaining to do to Nancy as she felt you might hurt my feelings by moving into the Hotel as she did not know the reasoning of your motivation to get some privacy.  The episode brings a big and warm smile to my face.

Again, happy anniversary!



And: Tom

Hi Pete

What a nice review of that special event 17 years back already!  It doesn't seem we've advanced that far into our lives already - though I can't remember not having kids awakening us to another early-morning start to a day (Thomas turned four today, so he was extra exuberant :)  See how things happen - you have a strong and steady partnership as parents of two fabulous kids, soon to be young adults themselves (Mike told me on the phone about another great concert he had just driven to, and I sometimes have to pause and ask how my little "Mikey" can already be doing such).  So yes, the years just go on and on automatically and all we're responsible for is packing them up with good things to remember them by as they glide away like a train car on ice (or like the bus in Heart & Souls).  Here's to you and Nancy this coming Monday - Cheers for a job done super well!

Cuz Tom


And: Fred

great memories.  I had forgotten about the quiz in the morning

Happy Anniversary and many more.

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