Thursday, August 21, 2008

GMVW # 33: "My Glory Days"

Gem Music Video of the Week # 33:  My Glory Days
Song:  Dangerous Type by The Cars
(Songwriter: Ric Ocasek)
August 21, 2008

I would think everyone has songs or albums that stir memories of their 'Glory Days'.  Few albums evoke these memories for me like the Cars Candy-O album.  The album seemed to be playing ceaselessly in the background during my senior year of high school.  This was particularly the case at basement gatherings of a neighborhood friend, George Lazano.  The gatherings were usually small groups of us, but occasionally the word would leak out, and it would seem half the town of Franklin would converge in on the Lazano home.  Not a surprise, considering George lived in a mansion (the word 'basement' does not do justice the size and style of the lower living space).  After a few of these parties got a bit unruly, George began assigning several in our group as bouncers, which on occasion caused some consternation at the entry way.  The inevitable scuffle would often ensue.  Inside the house and in the driveway, the party roared... and through it all, Candy-O played on and on.

Candy-O was the Cars second album.  The first self-titled album was a greater hit and money maker, but for me Candy-O was a more solid effort.  It also appeared to have a loose concept to it (which I could never verify), centered on a woman (Candy-O) and the singers infatuation for her.  The Cars never got all that deep on their albums, but this effort seems to have come the closest.

For many, the purchasing of original (non-greatest-hits) Cars albums stopped at the debut album, or for the more adventurous, Candy-O.  Not so for good friend Pete Faeza, however.  When Pete got into a band, he was usually there for the long haul.  His album collections were truly amazing to look thru because you would typically get to see the entire portfolio of some bands.  Since Pete was into the Cars, his collection included lesser known albums like 'Panorama' (with the great song 'Touch and Go'), 'Shake it Up' and 'Heartbeat City'.  Pete also loved Pink Floyd, and as such his collection included deeper cut Floyd albums like 'Ummagumma, 'Meddle', and 'Animals'.  Because I always respected Pete's taste in music, his explorations into the lesser known albums of some bands increased my own interest in digging deeper into the music of bands I enjoyed, as well as the bands in his collection. 

Gem Music Video, 'Dangerous Type', off of Candy-O, is followed by a few other cuts off the same album.  If you have similar memories, enjoy the time warp.

- Pete

Gem Music Video: Dangerous Type

'Double Life'

'Lets Go'



About the video: These are all live videos, but no crowds shown.  ‘Dangerous Type’ has a heading at the beginning: ‘MuSiMax’

Video Rating: 1


Best Feedback: Fred

Good memory.....

After a Lazano party, Mom caught me, for the first time, drinking.  She said she was "disappointed" in me.  That hurt me worse than anything she or Dad could have said/done

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