Thursday, December 6, 2012

Stepping Stones Wrap Up

Below are links to each of the 50 Stepping Stones, which were written weekly throughout 2012 (though the first 2 were written earlier), coinciding with the Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary.  The next series will focus on the music of Neil Young.  If interested in this upcoming series, you can sign up as a member of this blog, and I will send a notice when I get it started. 

# 1
Waiting on a Friend
"A Rolling Stone Gathers Moss"

# 2
Memory Motel
"Night School"

# 3
 Street Fighting Man
"The Stone Age"

# 4
It’s Only Rock ’n’ Roll (But I Like It)
"Say It with Certainty"

# 5
Rocks Off
"Spotlight on Bill Wyman: The Power of a Passivity”

# 6
Worried About You
"The Compact Disc, the Vinyl Record and the Cassette"

# 7
She’s A Rainbow
"From Black and White to Color"

# 8
Before They Make Me Run
"Live From New York: A Skit with Bite"

# 9
Sister Morphine
"Showmanship and Spectacle"

# 10
She’s So Cold
"Partners for Life”

# 11
The Last Time
"Gone but Not Forgotten"

# 12
Anybody Seen My Baby
"Lost and Found"

# 13
Ruby Tuesday
"Spotlight on Brian Jones: The Effects of Longstanding Connections"

# 14
Monkey Man
"It’s Just a Tray Away”

# 15
Hand of Fate
"When and When Not to Eschew Step Two"

# 16
Moonlight Mile
"Night Vision"

# 17
Blinded by Love
"Wheels of Fortune”

# 18
Start Me Up
"In Support of the Arts"

# 19
Shine a Light
"Tapping Into My Inner Grasshopper"

# 20
Laugh, I Nearly Died
"Staying the Course"

# 21
Can’t You Hear Me Knocking
"Spotlight on Mick Taylor: A Touch of Finesse"

# 22
She Smiled Sweetly
"Portals of Discovery”

# 23
"Something for Everyone"

# 24
Gimme Shelter
"Gaining New Perspectives"

# 25
Silver Train
"Spotlight on Ian Stewart: Big Brother”

# 26
Emotional Rescue
"Reserving the Rights to Diss Disco”

# 27
Paint It Black
"A Competitive Spirit"

# 28
Sweet Black Angel
"Good for the Soul”

# 29
Jumpin’ Jack Flash
"Mastering One’s Craft”

# 30
Fool to Cry
"My Fellow Aficionados”

# 31
She Was Hot
"Spotlight on Ronnie Wood:  Funfest in the Heat"

# 32
I Am Waiting
"A lot for the Fey of Heart”

# 33
Dead Flowers
"The Homeless Lady, the Padre, and the Desert Cowboy”

# 34
I Go Wild
"Dispensing the Notion of Indispensability”

# 35
Plundered My Soul
"Photographic Memory”

# 36
You Got the Silver

# 37
Brown Sugar
"Young vs. Old”

# 38
Fingerprint File
"Fame vs. Anonymity”

# 39
Tumbling Dice
"Spotlight on Charlie Watts: What Reliability Brings to the Table”

# 40
Sleep Tonight
"Keith’s Conundrum"

# 41
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
"It’s All a Matter of Taste"

# 42
Honky Tonk Women
"Getting Style Points for Substance"

# 43
Oh No, Not You Again
"The Ties That Bind”

# 44
No Expectations
"The Best Use for a Milk Crate”

# 45
Miss You
"Spotlight on Mick Jagger: Mr. Omnipresence”

# 46
Coming Down Again
"A Humanizing Effect"

# 47
19th Nervous Breakdown
"100 Musical Highlights in Rolling Stones History"

# 48
Torn and Frayed
"Spotlight on Keith Richards: Substantive Results"

# 49
Sympathy for the Devil
"A Misleading Title”

# 50
Loving Cup
"No Stone Left Unturned”